Dini (damedini) wrote in livinggreen,

Eco holiday options

Courtesy of fiannaharpar:

This site has a dazzling array of really cool wrapping options.

I've been snapping up fabric gift bags from my local dollar stores this year!  Not all gifts will be in them, but I'm also reusing fancy boxes that wine and such have come in.  

What nifty tips do you have for holiday greening?  

One of my favorite things (which isn't particularly green, except that it saves other products maybe) is to purchase a Balsam Fir wreath or boughs (always trim=offs from trees <I have an artificial tree, but I do love the scent>) and after the holidays I strip off the needles to use as potpourri for the year.  I adore the scent so much and it lasts easily several years (based on the year I couldn't get a balsam bough for love or money).
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