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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
6:36 pm
Friday, January 4th, 2008
1:35 pm

Youtube Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=mxu3MluKl8A
Earth Hour Website: http://www.earthhour.org/
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=8240986531

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour. This massive collective effort reduced Sydney’s energy consumption by 10.2% for one hour, which is the equivalent effect of taking 48,000 cars off the road for one hour.

On March 29th, 2008 at 8pm local time Earth Hour will commence all around the world. Cities such as Chicago, Copenhagen, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto have already signed up.

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

Be part of making Earth Hour 2008 a huge, global success by telling your friends and family. Remember, every single light makes a statement and makes a difference.
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
1:50 pm
Eco holiday options
Courtesy of fiannaharpar:

This site has a dazzling array of really cool wrapping options.

I've been snapping up fabric gift bags from my local dollar stores this year!  Not all gifts will be in them, but I'm also reusing fancy boxes that wine and such have come in.  

What nifty tips do you have for holiday greening?  

One of my favorite things (which isn't particularly green, except that it saves other products maybe) is to purchase a Balsam Fir wreath or boughs (always trim=offs from trees <I have an artificial tree, but I do love the scent>) and after the holidays I strip off the needles to use as potpourri for the year.  I adore the scent so much and it lasts easily several years (based on the year I couldn't get a balsam bough for love or money).
Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
3:02 pm
Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
12:32 pm
Quick green cleaning
In my everquest to become a better housekeeper, I am adopting and adapting these tips from MSN, David Bowers, author of Dad's Own Housekeeping Book, and Laura Dellutri, author of Speed Cleaning 101

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
7:42 pm
Blog Action Day
Hi, I just heard of this event on 15th October
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
and I thought some of you might be interested in posting about the environment in your blog for that day. I'm going to make a post.

X-posted, sorry if you see it more than once!
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
11:29 am
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
10:45 am

I was the victim (?) of effective marketing the other day. Standing in line at Kitchen Stuff Plus I noticed a pack of microfiber cleaning cloths, claiming to be very effective at cleaning things, even without cleaners.
Got them home, my dishwashing spong was gross, so I tossed it and gave thema try.  WOW!  This silky feeling, wimpy looking little cloth did a better job of scouring pots than my plastic scrubby sponge did.  Yes, did.  I am a convert.  I even cleaned the grill of caramelized BBQ sauce with it and it was as painless as one could hope for such a task.

I have also finally used up the last of my scouring powder.  I bought a cannister designed for shaking sugar onto food - it has a perforated top and a plastic lid to go over that to keep the contents from absorbing water.  Filled it with baking soda and happy days!  I was sadly overstocked in the cleaner department - my mom is under the delusion that supplying me wiht cleaning products will make me Martha Stewart.  Well, she's converting to eco-cleaners as well tomy surprise, so I can't even pawn them off on her.  So I'm using them up and hoping for the best.

Still loving the counter spray and now the all purpose cleaner from Fruits and Passions!  Eco and they seem indulgent.  They're kind of expensive but they work better than Fantasic and its ilk, so you use way less.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
10:04 am
Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
3:40 pm

Click here to find online petitions you can sign to help many Environmental issues to be taken notice of by the government in the UK.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
6:36 pm
CFL help
Hi! I have a bunch of CFLs installed (Compct flourescent lights) but I have a few places where the bulbs I can get just aren't brght enough! I go to Home Despot and Ikea. Where else/where can I get brighter bulbs?

Monday, March 19th, 2007
7:44 pm
Monday, March 12th, 2007
7:07 pm
from a blog i watch
frugal for life had this recipe for cleaning sinks-
Cleaning Tubs, Toilets and Sinks – This is a fun one. I tried it and didn’t think it would work, but it does.
1. Use a Large holed “salt-shaker” style Tupperware of Rubbermaid container
2. Fill it with Baking Soda and dump in a couple table spoons of Salt
Then use it like you would scouring powder. The salt helps as an abrasive and the baking soda is much easier on your plumbing as well. If you are partial to bleach, put 2-3 parts water to 1 part bleach in a spray bottle and you will fine.

there were a few other things mentioned in that post, but i thought this one was particularly interesting. if folks are interested, i would post the link.
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
7:41 pm
some may have already seen this from another community, but for those who haven't:
how to make your own laundry detergent
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
10:06 pm
Welcome to a new member!
onlysmarties has joined us.

Hi Onlysmarties!  This is a newish community that isn't getting a huge amount of posting yet.  I admit to not posting as much as I'd like myself to do life; a current job change being the biggest culprit.

Everyone: please post a quick intro and let us know what you want out of this community!
Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
11:28 am
Slow time of year for all of us I guess.  Here in Toronto it's finally gotten around to being winter; snow falling as I write, cold and grey.

We had an incident in Southern Ontario last night that has happily focussed more people (and the media) on teh electric grid and brought the 03 blackout back onto the page.  A transformer station had a massive fire, causeing a power surge across southern Ontario and lights to at least flicker. (apologies to non ontarians, yet I think the subject has universal application as all power structures age and more power is required)
Makes me think; what has been done since that huge blackout?  Some new infrastructure and a new coal fired plant in the works.  Not Acceptable!  I am writing to the Premier of Ontario as well as the Mayor of Toronto, suggesting that tax credits be given (at the very least - private homowners should get more) to businesses installing solar panels.

I understand that in the UK Prince Charles is very active in promoting renewable energy generation, but how much has actually been put in place?  How does the rest of the world view North American habits?  Terribly wasteful? 
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
1:05 pm
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
9:30 am
Need a new roof?
For those of you with flat roofs, or even terraces Easy and inexpensive green roofs might be for you!

Having a green roof reduces the load on sewer systems, helps prevent excess heat (traditional roofing materials absorb heat during the day and radiate it back out at night) and help to clean the air.

[edit] link fixed
Monday, January 8th, 2007
12:43 am
From IdealBite comes this link which calculates how many Earths we'd need if everyone lived like you do.  I got 2.1, what about you? 
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
3:09 pm
Hi!  I am so happy I did all that insulating before "winter".  I realize that that act alone may account for the current warmth.  Damn you Murphy!

But my house is old, and tends to be breezy.  Not this year!  When the wind blows cool, much less gets in.  My Goodcat hates the new bathroom window, since it makes the sill smaller.  The sill used to be 7" deep and she would sit there for hours.  Now I have a MUCH better window and the sill is 3".  She can suffer.  But she's climbed up there constantly since the new window went in, looking at me and asking why.

Who uses compact flourescent bulbs?  I am waiting for incandescents to burn out, as I can't bear to waste them, but plotting my switchover for most rooms.  The one place I won't switch is the bathroom; I put my makeup on there and flourescents change the way it looks.  I have flourescents in the hall, dining room and living room, also the porch.  I need to switch TK's room and the kitchen.  Also I need to change over the basement bulbs.
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